About Pride and Joy and Our Mission:

To provide an exciting retail experience for members and allies of the LGBTQ community, local and non-local Northampton aficionados, and politically progressive patrons who are looking for products that appeal to them, in a trendy and fun environment.

We’re your source for LGBTQ and gay pride gifts, high quality Northampton, Massachusetts souvenirs, and progressive mementos and keepsakes, while also playing a vibrant role in our community as a gathering place.

About Northampton, Massachusetts:

Northampton, Massachusetts, is proudly known around the world as “Lesbianville, USA.” Our town of 30,000 is two hours west of Boston and home to Smith College, the nation’s largest liberal arts college for women. Gay men and lesbians hold hands while walking on Main Street in downtown “Hamp” (as we locals call it), with its historic storefronts and cafes, bookstores, galleries, and student hangouts.