Over the past weekend I attended Boston Pride for the first time and at the end of the day found myself in a total state of euphoria.  This spring I had attended my first pride parade in Northampton; however I was working so I didn’t get to have the total freedom to experience what a pride event was like.  That is where Boston Pride came into play.

 Standing at the corner of Boylston and Berkeley, a few fellow Smithies and I stood anticipating the coming parade.  We could hear the motorcycles revving their engines at the front of the march and the excitement rose in my chest.  As the parade past, group by group, people pointed to my shirt which read, “Smith College Rugby.”  Smith alumnae as well as Northampton residents came up to me, introducing themselves and asking me if I was having fun.   In these moments I finally felt as though I was a part of a community larger than Smith College.  I find myself often thinking of myself as a floater because I am a college student.  I work in town but I sometimes don’t feel as though I’ve really become a member of the community yet.

This was the moment where this feeling stopped.  On the train I ran into some women who I had met shopping at Pride and Joy, one of which was wearing one of the shirts we sell.  We automatically had a connection.  In most places I’ve been in Massachusetts, including my hometown on the Cape everyone seems to know about Northampton and have only positive things to say about it and now I’ve begun to understand why.  It is a center for people to travel and express themselves in any way they like, similar to the Pride march.  I attended Pride to celebrate with my fellow members in the LGBTQ community and to feel like I was a part of something bigger and I had the realization that being a member of the Northampton community is already being a part of the bigger picture.

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