Allies are an important part in the LGBTQ community.  An ally is defined as a person who demonstrates support and advocacy for a community other than his/her own.  They are a person who bridges community lines despite differences to promote solidarity amongst different people.  Allies are often described as being “straight but not narrow,” a saying that we have on bumper stickers as well as buttons that we sell at Pride and Joy.  In the past allies were not given the recognition that they deserve as members of the LGBTQ community but with new efforts such as the development of high school GSAs clubs (Gay Straight Alliance) the significance of the relationship between the two communities is coming into the light.

It is important for communities to have allies and to be more inclusive if they want to succeed in their goals.  The only way most goals are accomplished is if many people are able to work together toward a common interest.  People have finally begun to realize the value of allies and the positive impact that they bring into the LGBTQ community.  Allies are brave people who are willing to go out of their way to help others and deserve the same amount of respect as any other member of the LGBTQ community.  In the past they weren’t given the respect that they deserve as community members.  However, times are changing and the importance of many different people entering the LGBTQ community is finally being recognized through GSAs and other all inclusive organizations.

At Pride and Joy we really appreciate our allies and have some special products just for them.  We believe that every color of the rainbow needs to be included and therefore we do our best to find products that many different kinds of community members will enjoy.