My name is Sammie and I am the blogger for Northampton’s Pride and Joy.  Pride and Joy is the only shop in the area that sells LGBTQ gifts as well as Northampton memoribilia.  We are located in the basement of Thornes Marketplace in Northampton, MA.  We’d like to thank you all for following our blog and hope that it can be a great source for you all to stay caught up on LGBTQ news from the local, state, and national level.

It is also a source for you all to remain updated on the products our store carries as well as new arrivals!  We are the only store in the area that carries Northampton memorabilia as well as an array of many different kinds of LGBTQ gifts from t-shirts, to bumper stickers, flags, accessories, and beyond.

Be sure to tell all your friends all about our new blog and check us out online!